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The City of Racine made an expensive mistake. They voted to spend an extra $82,000 by awarding construction projects to the second-lowest bidders. Cornerstone Pavers should have been awarded the jobs. The council voted after a city employee presented incorrect and misleading information.

Fact: All of Cornerstone’s City of Racine projects in recent years have been completed on time. Regarding the DOT project on Highway MM, the blame for the long delay lies fully on AT&T. Buried fiber optic lines were discovered when the project began. AT&T did not disclose this in advance, and took seven months to move the cables. At that point, Cornerstone had only one month to work before winter arrived.

Fact: 25 percent of Cornerstone’s workforce on Racine jobs are city residents. Cornerstone pays high union wages and benefits. It’s a shame that the companies awarded these jobs aren’t local and don’t employ Racine residents. Why isn’t the city interested in the well-being of their residents and a local company?

Fact: The city employee incorrectly stated that Cornerstone doesn’t have time in their schedule for these jobs. She has no inside knowledge of this; the projects fit perfectly in Cornerstone’s schedule.

Fact: The city employee reported negative comments about Cornerstone having an argumentative project manager, when she knew that the employee had been replaced.

Fact: The City Council is supposed to be fair-minded. One person’s slanted opinion clouded their better judgement. Had Cornerstone employees been allowed to take part in the discussion, the truth may have come out before the vote.

Sue Gaertig

Cornerstone Pavers


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