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Fitzgerald: We get what we deserve

Fitzgerald: We get what we deserve

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Garbage mountain landfills, Napalm, "The Kardashians," BP oil spill, atomic bombs, Love Canal, competitive eating, Joe Biden, deforestation, swamp people, great Pacific garbage patch, Jerry Springer, Exxon Valdez, Agent Orange, Golden Corral, "American Hoggers."

We get what we deserve. How long did you think Mother Nature would tolerate our behavior before she put her foot down?

COVID-19 is Mother Nature's official "time out" for us. We need to stop fussing and fighting about masks and shots like a bunch of spoiled brats and accept our punishment. Let it run its natural course and it will be over and done with. The planet will be better off for it and we may get some forgiveness from Mother Nature.

Patrick Fitzgerald, Wind Lake


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