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We are faced with a problem that we cannot avoid. A September 2018 IPCC Fifth Assessment Report warns that human-induced warming reached approximately 1ºC above pre-industrial levels in 2017. Friday, Nov. 24, the U.S. Fourth Assessment on Climate Change defined the effects of this rise and that “… the severity of future impacts will depend on actions taken to reduce greenhouse gas emission and to adapt to the changes that will occur.”

If you are willing to accept the possibility that we may be on a trajectory for more climate problems, the next step is what action to take.

Buy an electric vehicle. Forbes reports “New data shows that in every corner of the United States, driving an EV produces significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than cars powered only by gasoline, regardless of the local power mix.”

Removing the threat of climate change from your decision, Electric Vehicle make economic sense.

  • The Journal of Applied Technology, in an extensive study, found the true cost of ownership of electric vehicles cheaper than traditional vehicles.
  • Consumer’s Report recommends buying a used electric car. “… now is a great time to buy an emissions-free car for less than $15,000.”

Your purchase of an electric car today will keep petroleum in the ground and money in your wallet.

James Fergus, Racine

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