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Farnsworth: Republican gerrymandering

Farnsworth: Republican gerrymandering

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Let's make clear the real reason for the recall effort against Governor Evers, which has nothing to do with his response to COVID-19.

Indeed, for any supporter of the Republican Party's COVID response to criticize the steps that Evers has taken is ludicrous at best.

No, the real reason for the recall is the soon to be completed census and the necessary government redistricting throughout the state.

Without control of the governorship, as they had in 2010, the Republicans cannot draw the unfairly partisan districts they did then. Without these gerrymandered districts, the Republicans cannot hold on to the power that they current enjoy.

Even though they poll at less than 50% in statewide elections, the Republicans currently hold 65% of the filled state Assembly seats, and nearly 60% of the filled state Senate seats.

If you are wondering why nothing gets done at the state level, one need look no further than this gross imbalance between current representation and the actual make-up of the electorate.

The Republican desperation is clear. I am certain that, should this recall effort fail, the Republicans will try to delay redistricting until after the 2022 gubernatorial elections — and failing victory in that race, fight remapping through the courts for most of the next decade.

It is the only way in which they can maintain their majority in the state Legislature — and why we so desperately need the fair, nonpartisan committee process for redistricting as proposed by Governor Evers.

Scott Farnsworth, Racine


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