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There have been numerous discussions in the media comparing Trump's legal problems to Nixon's. I have seen or heard no discussion of EPA administrator Scott Pruitt's legal problems to a previous head of EPA who embarked on the same mission of destroying EPA from within.

Perhaps that has been some hesitation since Reagan's EPA administrator who did that was Anne Gorsuch (1942-2004), who was the mother of a sitting U.S. Supreme Court Justice. She served for 22 months in 1981-83.

She was notorious for cutting EPA's budget by 22 percent, reducing pollution cases prosecuted, cutting employees, hiring staff from industries, excusing a refinery in New Mexico from compliance with the lead limit in gas, and more.

Congress asked her for records on her expenditure of $1.6 billion in superfunds. She refused and became the only head of a federal agency to ever be cited for contempt of Congress. She resigned, and those records were subsequently given to Congress.

Pruitt is presently under investigation for 11 different actions of his EPA. Can he last 22 months?

Frank N. Egerton 


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