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DuPriest: Where's the condemnation?

DuPriest: Where's the condemnation?

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The headline of the Jan. 14 editorial reads: Honoring the Republicans who stood up. 

Deserved praise is given to Georgia officials who resisted Trump’s coercion and threats, and specific reference is made to Justice Brian Hagedorn and Sen. McConnell.

I would agree that both men acted honorably when presented with a difficult decision or vote, and Sen. McConnell’s remarks were especially helpful in his specific refutation of the lies about a fraudulent election repeatedly proclaimed by Trump and his minions.

However, if you praise these people, where is your condemnation of Sen. Ron Johnson who was willing to support those lies by his objecting to the certification of electoral college votes? His last-minute conversion hardly erases his previous behavior.

Where is your condemnation of Rep. Tom Tiffany, who was one of the first members of the house to declare he would object to the certification of the electoral college votes?

The actions and statements of these two persons certainly contributed to the energy of the mob that attacked our nation’s capitol.

Additionally, I am wondering this: Having given very appropriate tribute to those persons in your editorial — whom you pointedly identify as Republican — are you willing to give equal praise to those members of the Democratic party who have consistently resisted and refuted Trump’s lies? Or is your praise an inadvertent acknowledgement that when Republicans do the right thing it is so unusual as to be newsworthy?

Mabel DuPriest, Racine


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