Draeger: We deserve proper care

Draeger: We deserve proper care

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If and when I get COVID-19, I want to be treated in a hospital that doesn't need to keep me on a cot in a hallway. I want to have access to a ventilator if I need it. I want medicines available to reduce the severity, improve my outcomes and increase my comfort. I want access to staff that are rested and have the resources they need. And I sure don't want to see a stream of stretchers carrying dead former patients out to a makeshift morgue in the parking lot.

Fate has found our infrastructure off guard and unable to provide vaccines, therapeutic care or even an accessible test for me. Yet. So I will continue to stall my illness as long as I can, by treating this situation like what it is: A matter of life and death for me and members of my community. Many of my fellow Wisconsinites, unencumbered by these concerns, flooded pubs as Safer at Home guidelines were lifted by our Supreme Court. This, on the heels of news that Kenosha/Racine holds seventh place in the nation for coronavirus spread. Such cavalier behavior isĀ  likened to the reckless ignorance that microbes don't exist because you can't see them.

The goal of this quarantine isn't to push some agenda or put businesses under, it's to stall long enough for our medical infrastructure to catch up. In the meantime, this is not a time for reveling. Anybody who thinks differently, refer to paragraph one.

Josie Draeger, Racine


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