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The Mount Pleasant Fire chief has worries, according to the Journal Times on Sept. 18, over repairs for fire trucks. One truck has front-end alignment plus brake issues and another transmission problems. A third truck he hasn't got an estimate back in over a month. Each has 20,000 to 40,000 miles. These quints cost $900,000 for each vehicle.

He would know his own vehicles' repair costs and not over a month later. These are problems that come from excessive usage.

How? My guess is 16 miles out and back for 50 fires yearly is about 800 miles. Ten years should be around 8,000 miles. He sends these $900,000 vehicles out as a backup to EMT vehicles. A $900,000 quint weighing 50 tons chasing a $45,000, 6,000-pound EMT pickup. See the lack in proper usage for unexceptional costs?

Now, the fire station on the north side: What the village was looking for is a two to three-bedroom home with large garage to hold an EMT truck and crew. Stedman accepted a $1 million dollar plus estate structure and your board agrees. Nobody has seen any paperwork or prints of this estate? Silent board agreed. Whats going on here?

Then add $660,000 for salaries for six men, administrative assistant and equipment. Not given is future needs. What kind of shenanigans is Stedman and the silent board pulling?

Why is the Village Board putting up with these unnecessary costs? Call the trustees; tell them to cancel this station and the chief, too. Fiscal responsibility needed. Wait until you see the pay raises.

Michael Devine

Mount Pleasant

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