Last week, Congress approved a new federal budget where we continue to have massive deficits. The national debt is now over $20 trillion and our individual share is over $70,000.

President Trump's tax cuts provided major benefits to the wealthy and little to the average American. Yet we have responsible people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet telling us that they should not be receiving any tax cut. The income spread between the wealthy and the average American continue to grow larger and larger.

We have full employment and economic growth looks solid. The economy doesn't need fiscal stimulus. The federal government has the responsibility for the health of the nation's economy. It is time to write your congressional leaders and senators to urge them to make decisions in the best interest of the country.

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My vote in 2020 will go to a candidate who levels with the American people over our dire fiscal condition and the sacrifice required to fix it.

We are creating a major problem for our children and grandchildren.

Ed DeMeulenaere, Racine

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