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To some, politics has become a growing ugly word.

Within its ugliness there has been a near complete loss of good old-fashioned compromise. Over the decades, compromise was a coming together on important confronting issues. It made our country a proud example to be followed. Handshakes were real.

Ugliness can occur when there is a one-sided Senate and House (including State Assemblies) being in complete control. This can lead to a dominating force of suppressing certain groups of people and reluctance to enhance quality of life issues.

We are rich in diversity. Diversity built our nation. Our Statue of Liberty is unique to the world. A world that has become smaller with technology and rapid transport. We are also a nation of being rich in dollars. However, much greed, selfishness and scare tactics has taken a front seat, while many others are in the back seat of a two-door vehicle with front doors locked.

On a Federal level, there is an ugly on other matters that is quite evident. We should come out of the tunnel and combat the obvious attempt to crumble our institutions and freedom of press. There is a constant egotistical "third-world-dictator-type talk" being thrust about and must be squelched.

Let us hope that the past election can bring back compromise and the old-fashioned way of getting things done. The word ugly can eventually be diminished and reignite the days of a genuine handshake.

Al Dandeneau


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