Johnson: Don't force your religion on others

Johnson: Don't force your religion on others

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It is past time to quash the nonsense from the dictatorial Christians that they should have a religious exemption if the law contradicts their rigid concepts. Sever writers on conversion therapy are outraged that laws and ordinances banning such barbarity lack such exemptions. Sorry, but the law is the law and you're not exempt because you disagree with it. You certainly can't claim deprivation of rights when the law forbids what amounts to brainwashing of minors (including your own children) under compulsion, using what, accurately described, is psychological or emotional terrorism. 

Historically, some religions have advocated human sacrifice, cannibalism, stoning heretics, drowning witches, and other courtesies common in religious etiquette. We've evolved, but where would exemptions end? My church believes in skewering a conservative each new moon and roasting him slowly over a fire. The courts have disallowed this, but could Kellyanne Conway or Lou Dobbs meet a more justifiable fate? I only ask that one exemption. 

The sober truth is that religious freedom lies in worshiping as you choose, privately, and allowing others the same; it doesn't allow any right to force conformity from others. No LGBTQ person I've known wants to force anyone to be like them. They do want the law to force others to leave them alone and to decree the same rights for them as others enjoy. So, worship as you please and curb your authoritarian impulses or, yes, you will be made to comply. Live and let live. It works.

Todd Johnson, Racine


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