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Save Mother Earth

As a kid, the local river was a sewer. Even carp sometimes died. In cities, my eyes burned with sulfur dioxide. Finally Nixon acted, believe or caving in. He signed The Clean Air & Water Act. A hero!

“Freon” had become the wonder drug of refrigeration and spray cans. Years past and scientists observed the depletion of ozone in the atmosphere. So?! It protects life from deadly radiation.

Sam Johnson stepped up. He had the clout, the character and the courage to do the right thing. It meant taking on DuPont, his chemical supplier, and risking his business. He had no Freon substitute for his products. A hero!

More recently, he captured and used waste gas from the landfill and erected wind turbines. Aesthetics, maybe not; but contrast the invisible from Oak Creek. Massive volumes of carbon dioxide, fly ash, coal dust, seasoned with lead, mercury, arsenic, etc.

Foxconn talks “green.” Let them line the Pike River Greenway with turbines. We Energies wants to “go green.” Officer the lake’s shallows for turbines.

Today, Sam would be dismayed at his party. Trump chose coal for votes. Congress lost its science IQ, its respect for science and its backbone. Today, they fiddle while our west burns!

Global warming is an exploding catastrophe! It demands massive action now. Step up, be a hero. Where do candidates stand? We must pressure Washington to act before Mother Earth fries.

Harv Radke

Mount Pleasant

Power Foxconn with renewables

Foxconn promises to produce 21st Century innovative products, so it makes perfect sense for them to invest in 21st Century sustainable energy sources such as solar and wind.

Foxconn is projected to have the largest electric load in the state, equivalent to the total power used in Downtown Madison, so it’s great news that Foxconn is considering installing the largest solar array in our state.

Most of Racine’s energy currently comes from coal, the dirtiest energy source, a remnant of the Industrial Revolution. Extraction of coal destroys landscapes, contaminates groundwater and causes serious health problems like black lung disease.

Transporting coal in open train cars spreads coal dust throughout communities along the route. Winds continue to blow coal dust from Oak Creek power plant’s enormous coal piles. Pollution from burning coal includes particulate matter, sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide and heavy metals, which affect our air and water. Coal ash pollutes groundwater and Lake Michigan. If health costs and environmental impacts were included in the cost of burning coal, no one could afford to use this dirty source of energy.

Sustainable business practices are economically viable, socially responsible and environmentally friendly. Using renewable energy is a fantastic opportunity for Foxconn to demonstrate how an innovative company will power the future.

Natalie Chulew


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