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As the local newspaper of record for Racine County, the Racine Journal Times has an ethical and professional journalistic obligation to the citizens of Racine County to offer honest and professional journalism. The Journal Times’ shockingly uncritical coverage of the Foxconn deal from day one has been a source of extreme frustration and disappointment for me, and it has come to a head with the Thursday, April 18, article seeking to once again push, with no evidence, the idea that Foxconn will employ 13,000 people (how can you say this?) and to push the Republican Party line that it is somehow Gov. Tony Evers’ fault if the Foxconn deal doesn’t materialize in the way that it has been sold to us.

I am tired of reading “news” stories about Foxconn from The Journal Times that solely quote Village of Mount Pleasant President Dave DeGroot, Foxconn representatives and state Republicans — failing to offer any other viewpoints. At best, The Journal Times coverage reads as though they are publishing press releases written by Foxconn itself, at worst it reads as propaganda.

I do not care how Foxconn is covered in the Kenosha News or the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (much more honestly), but as the newspaper which has a duty to the community it serves, shame on The Journal Times for its obsequious, dishonest Foxconn coverage. Ten years from now, when we have a giant White Elephant in Mount Pleasant, displaced resident  and few/no new jobs, how will The Journal Times cover that?

Kyle Christoph


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