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A commentary, “Trump’s war on the Mueller investigation” appeared in Feb. 4, Journal Times.

It alleges President Trump uses military strategies in an attempt to defeat the Democrats and the Russian investigation, all the while threatening democracy. It states, “The fear that grips many about Trump’s tactics is that his bluster and bullying threatens democratic institutions.”

Here’s what threatens democracy: The unequal application of the law, not bluster, bullying or Russians. Hillary conducted our country’s top-secret business on her personal email. Then destroyed 30,000 emails. FBI director, Comey, presented a logical case to indict, however, in summation, he stated there was no “intent” to do wrong. Adding, no prosecutor would touch the case. Unbelievable.

It shouldn’t have been Comey’s decision. The DOJ should have decided, but apparently AG Lynch was too busy talking grandchildren with Hillary’s husband to take the case.

The editorial questions why Trump doesn’t trust FBI and DOJ leadership. Take the Comey investigation, add the Clinton/DNC financed dossier and the FBI text messages reciting the need for an “insurance policy.” Is there any wonder why?

Perhaps Russian collusion is the “insurance policy.” Odd, we’ve heard nothing? Negative information about Trump is always leaked early and often.

The editorial sums-up stating, “… any one memo isn’t proof of anything except that the war over the Trump presidency rages on.” The editorial certainly fuels the war; a war conducted by the Democrats, the press and many entrenched government officials. A war simply because “their side” didn’t win.

Carl Cecelia


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