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A commentary appearing in the May 5 Journal Times, “Republicans aren’t quite ready to clean house,” details several Republicans, convicted of crimes, who remain active in the Republican Party. It asks the question, “Does the Republican Party have any standards at all?”

To be fair, the article states that Democrats don’t have a shortage of scandal-ridden politicians. The difference being, Dems don’t welcome the scoundrels back into active roles.

Here’s the real distinction: The major players in the Democratic Party don’t get charged.

Hillary Clinton conducted the nation’s business on her private email and destroyed evidence. The FBI assembled a very logical case to indict her, yet reached an illogical conclusion.

Imagine your banker, conducting your business on his or her personal email rather than using the bank’s secure system. Exposing account numbers, balances, and Social Security numbers to hackers. The FDIC or DOJ would not give that banker a “pass.” The banker’s “intent” would not be part of the conversation.

Hillary’s actions were far more egregious, yet she was exonerated.

The article also references those involved in the Watergate scandal. Well, I’m old enough remember Chappaquiddick. Senator Kennedy was responsible for a young woman’s death, under what has been described as very suspicious circumstances (lookup the old articles). The Democrats didn’t have to welcome him back because he was never held accountable.

There are more, Eric Holder for example, but space is limited.

Scrutiny by the press should be applauded, however, not shallow and biased reporting or opinions.

Carl R. Cecelia



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