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Bush: Use this time for change

Bush: Use this time for change

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As the world turns. We are subjected to what could be conceivably the most consequential trial of our times. Perhaps the peril and tribulation of such times is insurmountable.

I however, remain hopeful that in such times we utilize this opportunity for the continual expansion of strategies for our education system and the mental, emotional and physical development of our youth.

Now is an advantageous time to contemplate and examine how we as a community can provide and foster an educational environment (may it be in-person or virtual) where all students will not only survive but in turn thrive.

Shall this time of dire health and civil unrest crises result in impetuous decision making or invoke a visceral yet deliberate response and evolution of policy upon hearing the pleas of a society dilapidated and a cry for change from the people that live within it?

I hold firmly in my conviction that now is the time to enact such changes that begin to create the foundations of a healing system, a system wounded by the very ignorance of its past.

Our youth hold the keys to creating the change for our world that we have yet to discover for ourselves. We must provide them an education environment that plants the seeds for them to unearth the unknown and that which may be considered impossible.

I leave you to consider the following: Does RUSD’s response provide relief to the symptom or does it treat the underlying problem?

John Bush, Racine


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