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How ironic that our self professed "education governor" got soundly thrashed by a school teacher. Wisconsin Trump loyalists must be cringing with his effect on Priebus, Ryan, Walker and Vukmir. As our lame duck governor ponders his future, I have a few suggestions:

1. Return to Marquette University, finish his degree, improve his job marketability skills, and quit being a "fake alumnus."

2. Enroll in Trump University.

3. Seek appointment in Trump cabinet (oops, Trump doesn't like "losers").

4. Assembly line worker at a Ivanka Trump foreign factory.

5. Staff security guard shack — Uline Corporation.

6. Shoe shine attendant-valet — Koch Bros.

7. Crying towel salesman — Wisconsin Republican party.

8. Marketing director — "Lock him up" merchandising campaign.

9. Maintenance worker — Foxconn housing village.

10. Ron Johnson re-election campaign director.

Given that Scott Walker has never had a real job that did not provide him with taxpayer funded salary, health insurance, pension, limos, airplanes, expense accounts etc., perhaps he can now avail himself to one of the 250,000 jobs he promised us. Kimberly-Clark is hiring.

Richard A. Bosanko


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