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I am writing in response to the article from the Dec. 16 paper concerning the appointment of Angelina Cruz to Governor-Elect Evers' advisory council and her comments in the story.

One of Cruz’s comments was to “ending voucher programs” and later she states one of the biggest issues facing public schools are “the voucher system, which she said is siphoning money from public schools.”

What should be reported is the fact that for every Unified school student the cost to educate one child is $8,079 in state aid plus $3,979 in local property taxes for a total of $12,058 per enrolled student.

The amount of money given per child to a K-8 voucher school is $7,754 and for grades nine through 12 the cost given per voucher student is $8,400 so in reality the average tax payer is saving $4,304 per student in K-8 and the amount of saving for nine through 12 is $3,658 per student.

Significant savings for all taxpayers to say the least in my humble opinion.

What Cruz should be talking about is how can the public school teachers raise their own educational bar, become more competitive with the school choice programs and actually compete for students instead of playing the blame game while losing hundreds of students per year.

The ball seems to be in your court, Angelina.

Randall Borgardt, Mount Pleasant

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