With the recent news of RUSD’s ongoing annual budget shortfall and the publication of the fake news of the confrontation in Washington D.C. (Monday, Page A9), some obvious questions deserve answers.

Is RUSD utilizing all of the available tools from Act 10 which most other communities in Wisconsin have used to both reduce budgets as well as allow increase funding for direct educational expenses?

If the RUSD board has not utilized these tools, why not? Will the taxpayers again be required to make up for shortfalls that common sense budgeting could solve?

Will The Journal Times, CNN and all of the media outlets who rushed to an incorrect judgement on the “March for Life” rally confrontation wherein the young Catholic boys were not inciting the disturbances but were instead accosted by both another protesting group as well as the veteran drummer and national activist Nathan Phillips?

Finally, why wasn’t Saturday’s March for Life rally covered with any real depth? Your readership and Racine all deserve some answers. Thank you.

Craig Borgardt, Racine

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