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Just thought I would weigh in on the article about the City Council directing the chief of police to order his officers to issue citations for marijuana violations under 25 grams. It seems to be a blanket order, which does not take into consideration the overall circumstances, such as are there other items found that indicate the marijuana is being sold?

What ever happened to the officer's discretion; should he/she issue traffic citations to every person who is speeding 5 mph over the limit?

The relaxing or legalization of marijuana possession is a hot issue that seems to be gaining ground in Wisconsin and while medical marijuana being supplied under a doctor's supervision may prove to be a good idea, this state has enough issues of DUI accidents and deaths, it seems an additional intoxicant is just asking for more trouble. Colorado's accident rate has gone up since the legalization of marijuana in that state. Alcohol has ruined enough lives, it seems foolish to add another.

David Boldus


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