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I wish to thank the voters of Mount Pleasant for putting their trust in me and electing me to the Village Board.

It was a humbling experience to run for my first elected position. To all supporters and friends, I cannot thank you enough.

To my opponent, thank you for a challenging race and I extend my hands for future co-operation and exchange of ideas.

I put my hat into the ring to break the stalemate and get the village moving forward. Mount Pleasant and Southeast Wisconsin are poised for growth and have so much potential to be vibrant, thriving community.

Now that the election is behind us, I invite all residents of Mount Pleasant to come together, share your ideas and thoughts, and together we can help grow our community.

I pledge to all residents of Mount Pleasant that:

a) As your trustee, I will stand as an independent voice of reason, good fiscal management, and provide vision for long term growth of Mount Pleasant, while maintaining a balance of rural community and budgeting for economic growth.

b) Lead the board to implement well thought out business policies to increase productivity at the Village Hall to maximize the use of our tax dollars. This will enable us to hold the line on taxes, be a true “trustee” of the tax payers.

c) On your behalf, I will challenge the status quo, and strive for better and more innovative ways to achieve goals.

Thank you again for your support.

Ram Bhatia

Trustee Elect, Seat No. 5

Mount Pleasant


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