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Trump's Eighth Wonder of the World, Foxconn’s $10 billion manufacturing plant in Wisconsin’s Racine County, is about to go down as one of the biggest boondoggles in state history.

Cheered on by Scott Walker, Wisconsin lawmakers at every level failed to do their homework before giving away $4 billion in incentives to a company that has a history of backing out on deals. Like circus king PT Barnum, who was adept at creating hoaxes, Foxconn just proved Barnum’s philosophy that “there is a sucker born every minute.”

A year ago, residents in the Town of Yorkville told the town board and the gang of developers waiting to swoop in that we did not want Foxconn to turn Yorkville into their “smart city.” We were accused of opposing progress and jobs and of having “a not in my backyard” mentality. Since then, thousands of acres of farmland and wetlands in adjacent Mount Pleasant have been bulldozed, residents were forced to sell their homes and millions of state and local dollars have been spent on roads, sewer and other capital costs related to Foxconn. And for what? An R&D facility and a small packaging plant?

We’ll be lucky if Foxconn creates 1,000 jobs, much less fills in its hole. Racine just got added to Foxconn’s “duped” list. I’m glad I helped make sure Yorkville isn’t on it too.

Carrie Bergs, Yorkville

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