Bercher: Watching Racine city government

Bercher: Watching Racine city government

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Thanks for your Letteney-Weidner Feud Perspective. I depend on the Journal Times to inform me what our Racine City government is up to. Your perspective clarified what is known but creates a deep suspicion that our government must be up to something underhanded if it is so worried about information becoming public as no litigation, labor issues or other protected information is at risk.

First, I am appalled that Judge Gasiorkiewicz made a "public policy decision." Judges are suppose to interpret the law and leave public policy to our legislative branches of government. That he admits to ignoring the law so he can decide what is in the public interest ought to grounds for censure and removal from the bench. The city attorney is not an independent branch of government. He is part of the city administration and answers to the Mayor and Council. If he is pursuing a matter without their authorization, he is in breach of his duties and obligations to the Mayor and Council.

And by the way, who is signing the authorization for hours spent on this matter, and how much money has been paid to the city attorney in pursuit of an apparently private feud? Compensation is a matter of public records.

The silence of Mayor Mason is very disturbing. No city council member should be afraid to speak up on public issues. City attorney Letteney evidently believes he is the law and is not subject to being questioned by his employers. Letteney's crony Judge Gasiorkiewicz agrees.

Tom Bercher



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