Beranis: Trump should oust California from union

Beranis: Trump should oust California from union

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How’s this for an idea? President Trump will by executive order oust California out of the United States. Then he extends our border wall around California. Think about the obvious benefits? Since California love illegals, they can have access to California anytime. Gang members, drug dealers, and terrorists can drive in by the bus load. Pelosi might become the mayor of San Francisco and Schiff could become the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court. California can show the world the power of politicians by taking away everyone’s guns, a great idea in a new Utopia. I’m sure the California treasury has more than sufficient funds to pay for free school lunch programs, student loans, and medical care for all. Since they love to handcuff any law enforcement agency, why not just shut them down and turn the jails into high class flop houses for all the indigents on the streets.

What are some of the perks for us? Wisconsin could put a tariff on California milk. When the San Andreas Fault lets go we won’t have to send FEMA to help them. The USA could sock it to California for water and electricity. I like preventing leftist movie stars from California entering the U.S.A., after all, they are defiantly undesirables. Let’s slip in American Samoa as our 50th state. It’s much smaller so it should be easier to handle if they step out of line. I’m not really serious, it’s all just wishful thinking, nothing political.

David Beranis, Racine


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