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I got to thinking about Stormy Daniels' bid for notoriety. The Democrats and press label her a “porn star.” It’s an art form performing sex acts in front of cameras for money.

More vulgar people might use the term “trailer trash.”

It’s a she/he said story, unless a camera was hid in her belly button and has the whole scene on tape.

Stormy stated she didn’t really want to have sex with Trump, but was her ulterior motive getting a role on "The Apprentice?" Is Stormy still mad about not getting her part? Trump’s a billionaire. Her fortune is estimated only at $2,000,000. She needed the $130,000. Was money from Trump’s lawyer blackmail hush money? Is someone offering a lot more money to break her silence? Maybe Stormy performs sexual acts, in her art films, with all of her porn co-stars, so she can hit them up for money if they become famous.

Look up “Stormy Daniels photos” on Google Image; it’s a decent group of pictures. Now look up “Stormy Daniels nude photos,” it’s quite a show.

A political trick by smearing candidate Trump could have prevented his election. Lying or not she is making a lot of extra cash on her story. Where was the press when presidents Jefferson, Eisenhower, FDR, Kennedy, LBJ, and Clinton were taking off their pants? I think the Democrats' grounds for impeachment is a real stretch.

President Trump is busy making America great again, and doesn’t have time for hate Trump press remarks.

David Beranis



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