Look at the news clips of the caravans heading north from South America. Well now, aren’t they a bunch of happy campers? Strolling through a couple of countries to reach freedom with a capital free! Could it be fake news is only capturing the first few steps in the long journey?

A walk from Honduras to the United States is roughly 2,558 miles, a bit too far for a walk in one pair of shoes, Jesus slippers or barefoot. There must be a South American travel agency that offers different travel packages to the illegals, depending what the traveler’s family can afford.

The cheapest package chooses a starting point, tells you to pack a lunch and hands you a map with directions to the USA. Package two might start at the nearest Walmart. It includes a new back pack, a few deli sandwiches, and a stroller if you have children under walking age. You might have to pay for extras: water, toilet paper or a change of underwear.

More expensive packages include transportation arrangements. You can take your chances and have an empty school bus stop and offer you and part of your group a free ride for a few miles down the road. You have a choice on deciding between riding in an open cattle truck or a stuffy enclosed semi-trailer. I personally don’t recommend riding on top of a freight car if you are a sleep walker.

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The Promised Land is only one step over the border.

David Beranis


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