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I must congratulate the Democrats on their clear thinking about preventing attempts to protect citizens' safety, saving $5 billion  by trying to allow hordes of illegals the opportunity to merely step across our border.

Our debt is already $20 trillion and this measly $5 billion amount is going to make a big difference in reducing government debt? The progressives (want) to reverse job growth and opportunities the Hispanics, blacks and females have made during the past two years.

Liberals are actually doing something to replace black voters who left their voter base when campaigning Trump stated “what do you have to lose?” The free flow of undocumented people will develop into a new voter base by promising the world at pre-election time and doing nothing about their plight after they are elected.

Under Trump’s direction, a lot of government programs lost a lot of assisted families only because of the economic growth that the United States has witnessed lately. Letting anyone just walk across the border and receive taxpayer-funded assistance will help thwart the ever growing positive trend of people getting off welfare rolls?

Do these liberal thinkers realize that the $5 billion goes directly into the economy, creating jobs, supplying material, supporting business, adding infrastructure and increasing the safety of our citizenry? Not building the wall is a great way to put money in non-citizen drug dealers’ pockets. Establishing sanctuary cities, no law enforcement, non-citizen rights and undermining our Constitution are now the Democratic Party’s mantra.

David Beranis


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