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Bencriscutto: Make real change first

Bencriscutto: Make real change first

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Reduce the police?

Let's reduce the cause of crime and racism with real change first.

  1. Decriminalize drug addiction — give them free treatment and counseling. This will take the profit out of selling it and eliminate the need for crime to get their fix. The courts, jails and police will have a lot less to do and we will all be safer.
  2. Free education for all — through 4 years of collage or tech — and pay them to go to school. You cant go to school if you can't afford to go. Education is the exit from poverty and racism. Having skills for a good job is the answer to poverty — not welfare.
  3. Medicare for all — which covers addiction and mental health — this will allow businesses to pay people more and allow them to save and spend money. This helps everyone.
  4. Eliminate the IRS and institute a 12% national sales tax on everything even food and a 5% value added tax for all business — everyone pays even billionaires. This will pay for the social programs to level the playing field. There will be enough net additional income to pay down the absurd deficit.
  5. Add a carbon tax and create a hydrogen clean energy economy. Not only will it save the planet but costs for all business and people for energy will be lower. Millions of good jobs would be created.
  6. Raise the minimum wage to $15.00/hr. Everyone benefits in the long run.

This is real change.

Ralph Bencriscutto, Racine


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