Albert: Stop the insanity

Albert: Stop the insanity

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Sunday's Journal reports that 88% of our population favors requiring background checks for gun buyers. 100% of our State Republican legislators are opposed to improving background checks. Who do they represent?

They are sworn to strive to achieve domestic tranquility. Two-hundred and twenty-two murders in three years is not tranquility fellas. More like terrorism.

Bulletproof school backpacks are flying off the shelves. Why not little AK 47's for the kids?

Do we "back the badge?" Well the cops overwhelmingly favor background checks. What have you spineless politicians done to protect them? There is a simple question for these guys. Where would you draw the line? Stop the NRA mental illness scripted lines. What weapons or bullets or magazines should be banned from private ownership?

The last word from the Supreme Court was from Justice Scalia where he explained at great length (in the Heller decision) that the right to bare arms is not unlimited ... lines must be drawn. 

Let's start here. If you fine gentlemen will agree that private citizens have no right to own nuclear weapons, we can go from there. Let's stop this insanity.

John Albert, Wind Point


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