Sobota: Impeachment and what we've learned

Sobota: Impeachment and what we've learned

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What have we learned so far from this process? We have learned there are many career government employees who are not afraid to speak truth to power.

Many of these people were instructed not to testify, but did. It is impressive to see employees defy the orders of superiors and do the right thing.

We learned the representatives opposing impeachment never offered any plausible defense, and seldom asked questions of the witnesses, but testified themselves.

We learned the clown has become more unhinged than usual and referred to the process, among other things, as being unconstitutional. He apparently has little understanding of the constitution.

We learned the clown is a poster boy for the very president the founding fathers had in mind when they provided the means of removing a president from office. I do not think they anticipated a president this bad.

After the vote, we learned there are 197 U.S. Representatives who believe it is okay for a president to use extortion to request assistance of a foreign power to interfere in our presidential election.

As the impeachment was in progress, we learned the president’s personal attorney was meeting with corrupt former Ukrainian officials in pursuit of debunked conspiracy theories. I am afraid what we might learn next.

Drew Sobota, Mount Pleasant


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