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Journal Times editorial: Your vote on Tuesday is no less important
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Journal Times editorial: Your vote on Tuesday is no less important

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There was massive turnout for the presidential election on Nov. 3: 81,268,924 million people voted for Joe Biden, and 75,216,154 million voted for Donald Trump. Turnout was an estimated 66.7% of eligible voters nationally.

Turnout was even stronger locally:

Of Racine County’s approximately 120,000 registered voters, nearly 106,763 participated in the presidential election. That puts Racine County’s 2020 registered voter turnout at 89%, up from 86% in 2016, according to County Clerk Wendy Christensen.

We have no illusions that turnout will be nearly as strong for Tuesday’s elections.

That is unfortunate. Because the elections on Tuesday will have far more impact on your daily life than the ones held in November.

School board elections? If you’ve ever closely inspected your property-tax bill, you know how much of that annual check-writing is related to your local school district. If you have school-age children, don’t you want to make sure people whose values align with yours are on your district’s school board?

As for municipal elections, those are the people who are deciding on whether the road near your house will be widened, on whether that new business is going to be allowed to move into your town.

There also are judicial elections, and a statewide office — superintendent of schools — on the ballot. Deborah Kerr and Jill Underly have presented differing visions of how public education should operate in Wisconsin; you may find yourself strongly agreeing, or strongly disagreeing, with one or the other.

We’re here today to encourage you to take some time between now and Tuesday to make a plan to vote. You’ve still got time to get up to speed on your local elections. This newspaper has, over the past month, published stories on those elections; you can find all those stories on our website.

Every four years, millions of people show up to vote for president of the United States. But the election for the president of your local school board, or for president of your municipal government, is no less important.

Exercise your right to vote on Tuesday.


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