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The day of Thanksgiving marks an annual American tradition — a day with family or friends to celebrate the gifts of the year. It’s also for many the official start of the countdown to Christmas.

Thinking ahead to those lists of people to buy for, it can be appealing to go online and get it all done in one night. Check, check, check.

But, as with most things, the easy answer is not always the best answer.

Over the past year, Racine has lost Toys ‘R’ Us and Boston Store — leaving a huge gap for local shoppers.

That is just the tip of the iceberg. A Moneywise article states that in 2019 nationwide six Targets are expected to close, nine Lord & Taylor locations, 11 Kmarts, 29 Sears, 51 Lowe’s, up to 67 Destination Maternity stores, up to 109 Children’s Place stores, up to 200 Gap and Banana Republic stores, as well as about 150 Starbucks.

So far there is no word that any of those chains listed on the Moneywise article will be closing in our area, but the bottom line is that people need to shop at the stores if they want to keep the stores open.

Sure it’s easy to order online. But what if you need a birthday present for that afternoon or a new dress for a last-minute event?

We all know that we are being tracked and analyzed wherever we go, especially when it comes to where we spend our money. We might as well let that data help spur further growth in our area and act as a catalyst for our community.

And speaking of being a catalyst for good, Small Business Saturday is a great excuse to shop the area’s business strips and check out a new shop or two, while supporting small businesses in the community. There are endless options from Racine’s Douglas Avenue and West Racine to the Downtown strips in Sturtevant, Waterford, Union Grove, Rochester, Burlington and Downtown Racine.

And you can also support local organizations like the Racine Zoo or the Racine Theatre Guild by buying gift certificates for family and friends. What better way to say I care about you, than giving the gift of your presence in the year to come?

And of course, there is Giving Tuesday, which directly follows Cyber Monday, and is a great chance to give back to those in need in the community.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to buy Christmas presents for their family or friends, and that is where those of us with a little extra can step in to help and put our money where our mouths are.

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