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Journal Times editorial: Biden’s botched Afghanistan exit shouldn’t be ignored
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Journal Times editorial: Biden’s botched Afghanistan exit shouldn’t be ignored

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After 20 years in Afghanistan, with 2,461 U.S. servicemen and women making the ultimate sacrifice serving there, it was time to leave Afghanistan.

The mission to help Afghanistan build a government to defeat the Taliban failed. Those 20 years weren’t the fault of President Joe Biden. But the August exit — that was on the shoulders of the Biden administration and the botched exit shouldn’t be brushed under the rug.

During the exit, 13 servicemen were killed in the Kabul Airport Attack and a botched U.S. drone strike killed 10 civilians, including seven children.

On top of that, the president promised to not leave until all Americans were out, and that wasn’t what happened.

Besides, leaving people weapons were also left behind that ended up in the hands of the Taliban. Some of the remaining weapons were destroyed in the end to avoid them getting in the hands of the enemy, but there was enough time and more of the weapons could have been taken out earlier.

This botched exit was examined during a recent House Armed Service Committee meeting, but besides that hearing, it seems as if many are trying to ignore the mistakes.

As the saying goes, those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

There are mixed opinions about if the U.S. should have left a limited number of troops in Afghanistan, and it’s apparent after the Armed Services Committee hearing that top commanders recommended leaving 2,500 troops, but that Biden went against that advice.

Some want to move on after this botched exit. But it should leave a shadow over the Biden administration.

The mission in Afghanistan has ended, but the war on terror is still going strong.

After the exit, Biden will need to rebuild American trust. It cannot just be brushed under the rug.


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