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Journal Times editorial: Biden administration must deal with our southern border
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Journal Times editorial: Biden administration must deal with our southern border

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Seeing what is going on at the American-Mexican border is disconcerting with people continuing to flock there trying to find hope for a better future and thousands of kids kept in close quarters that we would never dream of putting our own children in.

It’s sad. It’s a mess and it’s a crisis. The fact that it’s a crisis shouldn’t be up for debate. And it needs to be addressed now.

This is not a new problem. It was here when Donald Trump was in office and when Barack Obama was in office and it precedes him as well.

The situation that some of these people are escaping, like drug cartels and gangs, is horrible. But there needs to be an orderly immigration system. Crowding at the border, setting up camp and sending kids on to pass through the border alone is not the answer.

The president needs to get the word out that he is not going to allow people to just walk into the United States. Don’t come to the border. Don’t try to cross.

When President Joe Biden was sworn into office, many people thought he would let more people walk in and they began the journey to the border to escape to a new life.

But we cannot just have thousands of people walk over the border. There needs to be a more orderly way for people to get work visas to help match immigrants with employers who need help and help people who desperately need asylum.

There needs to be a reasonable application process and not a process that takes five to 10 years. It needs to be something reasonable like months instead of years.

You know the situation is bad when parents are kissing their children goodbye and having them walk to the border alone in hope of a better future for them. That is a move of desperation.

It’s not just at the border where issues need to be addressed.

We cannot have cartels running cities in Central America. America needs to help governments in those areas improve so there is not the current mass exodus. Those countries cannot afford to keep losing their workers or the situation will get even worse.

America is now on pace to have vaccinated 200 million people within Biden’s first 100 days in office. Stimulus checks have hit bank accounts and we are on the road to recovery for the coronavirus. Now the administration’s attention needs to focus on the border crisis.

It’s a mess and it needs to be fixed.


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