Journal Times editorial -- No more tragedies: Keep your guns out of the reach of children
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Journal Times editorial -- No more tragedies: Keep your guns out of the reach of children

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Families of 5-year-olds should be preparing for them to attend elementary school, not preparing for their funerals.

Amid the string of recent deaths in southeast Wisconsin, there were two senseless tragedies involving 5-year-old boys.

On June 17 in Kenosha, Dakari Weldon died.

He was 5. He began playing with a loaded handgun he found on top of a bed, left unattended by an adult in the house, and accidentally shot himself, court records indicate.

Two men have been charged in Dakari’s death; one of the men had a concealed-carry permit for the handgun.

On June 18 in Milwaukee, another 5-year-old boy died. He had picked up a .40-caliber Glock 27 that had been left on a shelf within his reach in a home.

He was found lying on the living room floor with a gunshot wound to the head.

A man has been charged in the death of the Milwaukee 5-year-old; he allegedly admitted having a lock and gun case for the gun and not using it, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

Elder Malcolm L. Hunt Sr. of Least of These International Ministries Inc., who was at the Milwaukee shooting scene on June 18, urged gun owners with children in the house to lock up their firearms. “If you keep these guns locked up, and out of reach of children, this would never happen,” Hunt said.

We know the majority of gun owners with small children in the home store their guns safely and out of the reach of those children.

But when it comes to firearms, a majority isn’t good enough.

We need it to be 100 percent.

Please, please store your guns safely. We should not have any more news reports or court cases involving dead 5-year-olds.


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