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“Get up, get up, get out of here! Gone!” Milwaukee Brewers fans have heard that call from baseball announcer Bob Uecker all summer long and now the Brew Crew is taking it to the next level as they open tonight at Miller Park against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The best-of-seven game series winner will advance to the World Series — a lofty spot the Brewers haven’t achieved since 1982.

The Brewers got here by chasing down the Cubs as the regular season ended and then sweeping the Colorado Rockies in three games. Turn up the radios, turn on the TVs or make your way to Miller Park if you managed to cadge a seat. It’s baseball in October and Brewer fans are getting ready to roar.

In other news from the battered box — the stock market — the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 831 points Wednesday, its worst loss in eight months. High tech stocks and retail lead the decline. The Nasdaq, meanwhile, posted its biggest loss in two years and is down 8 percent since the start of the month. Investors became skittish after the Fed boosted interest rates. President Trump said this week “the Fed has gone crazy.” OK, where is a reliever?

We’ll soon see a little pain relief at the pharmacy counter. For years pharmacists have been barred from telling consumers when they would actually save money by paying for drugs out-of-pocket, instead of using their insurance plans. Health plans and middlemen imposed contractual “gag rules” preventing pharmacists from giving that advice — at the risk of penalties that could impact their businesses.

No more. President Trump signed bipartisan legislation this week putting an end to the gag rules.

The friendly skies got a bit unfriendlier, this time for American Airlines passengers, as word spread this week of a new policy that directs airport agents not to rebook economy class passengers on competing airlines when there are long delays or canceled flights. First class or business? Why, yes, they will continue to get to their destinations quickly even if it means rebooking on Delta or United.

Some exceptions will be made — but passengers will have to negotiate those deals if they have to make it to a wedding or funeral or catch a cruise ship. It’s another sign of the growing gap between treatment of “best” customers and economy travelers — and pushes American closer to the discount airlines like Southwest, Spirit and Frontier, which have no agreements with other airlines. But we hear the terminal at Atlanta is lovely this time of year if you want to spend hour upon hour waiting for a flight.

The flow of red at Wisconsin hospitals these days is ink, not blood. For the first time since key elements of the Universal Health Care Act went into effect, state hospitals had unpaid medical bills topping $1.1 billion last year. A report by the Wisconsin Hospital Association said the charity care and bad debt for 150 Wisconsin hospitals increased by 14 percent from 2016. Nationwide, uncompensated care totaled more than $38 billion in 2017.

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