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Journal Times editorial: Enough with the big spending bills
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Journal Times editorial: Enough with the big spending bills

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Over the past year, Americans have received three rounds of stimulus payments to help them through the coronavirus.

For a family of four the last round alone netted them a check of $5,600 and that is not taking into account the other two checks they received earlier.

And more money was already approved by Congress in March expanding the child tax credit. Families should expect to see money in their hand starting in July from those monthly child tax credit payments.

It is supposed to be $300 per month for a child who will be under 6 at the end of the year and $250 per month for children ages 6-17, based on the child’s age at the end of the year.

On top of that, President Joe Biden during his 100-day presidential address announced his approximately $1.8 trillion American Families Plan would extend that tax credit through 2025, along with offer free, universal pre-schooling for every 3- and 4-year-old in America and two years of free community college.

Plus he announced the $2-plus trillion American Jobs Plan to “help millions of people get back to their jobs and their careers,” jobs created through infrastructure investment.

This comes after the proposed “infrastructure plan” that came with its own approximately $2 trillion price tag and included more fluff than it did actual infrastructure spending.

Enough is enough!

If someone wants a job right now, they need only walk down Main Street and knock on a few doors. They will end up with multiple job offers. If the government wants to help they need to incentivize people to take those jobs that desperately need to get filled.

On top of that, there comes a point when there is too much government spending.

The government still hasn’t even come out with the rules for half of the spending it already promised in earlier bills.

As part of his 100-day speech, Biden talked about the crisis America has been going through and he talked about the road for recovery, saying, “Life can knock us down. But in America, we never stay down. In America, we always get up. And today, that’s what we’re doing: America is rising anew.”

He talks about making these changes for families. But it’s families and those young children who are going to have to pay for this spending down the road.

Some of the ideas the president presented during his speech may have merit and should be fleshed out over the next four years – with bipartisan discussion and compromises.

But these big spending bills need to stop. It’s not about the coronavirus anymore. It’s taking advantage of that crisis to pursue an agenda and it comes with a high price tag.


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