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Their future is ours, too

In reference to the article “Old guard, new fights: Aging NAACP challenged to stay relevant” (Journal Times, Feb. 23), I was disturbed to read Lawrence Terry, president of the local NAACP, state that what young people should be asking themselves is “If they are trying to improve themselves or if they are just hanging around with their pants hanging down low.”

For I think it’s very important for leaders and indeed our community at large, to understand that the inadequacies of our youth is nothing but a reflection of the quality of their leadership. Thus our response to a lack of leadership as a community shouldn’t be to point fingers at them and suggest that they alone are responsible for their improvements.

We should instead focus on supplying the leadership and the mentors capable of inspiring them to transform their self perceptions and dream brave dreams. Whether we like it or not, all of our futures are inextricably connected to the futures of those youth who are hanging around with their pants hanging down low.

Dante Cottingham

New Lisbon Correctional Institution


Make medical marijuana legal

When newspapers present an editorial, they have a responsibility to inform their readers accurately. The Journal Times recently failed miserably, “Legalize CBD to treat epilepsy” (March 16).

You seem to be confusing the medical cannabis strain from which the CBD hemp oil is being extracted, “Charlotte’s Web”, with the cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD). CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are two of almost a hundred therapeutically active cannabinoids and other compounds found in whole plant cannabis. These compounds like cannabis plants continue to be classified by federal authorities as Schedule One drugs with no medical uses and a high potential for abuse.

Charlotte’s Web is a form of medical cannabis that contains higher levels of CBD, as well as THC. It may or may not be helpful for a given individual. It is not pure CBD. Furthermore, it is nonsense to say that CBD contains THC.

Rather than creating legal fiction to carve out a narrow exemption when there is so much need, what Wisconsin really needs is to allow medical cannabis access to all patients who require it, and politicians and newspaper editors who are willing to become properly educated sufficiently to debate the issue intelligently.

One would think after so many years of effort and with so many patients who can benefit, from children and adults with seizure disorders, veterans returning from war with PTSD, seniors with glaucoma and arthritis, cancer patients of all ages and grandmothers with rare intractably painful conditions like Jacki Rickert, namesake of Wisconsin’s comprehensive medical cannabis act, AB480/SB363, we would already be past that point.

Gary Storck



Real Racine is ready for I-94 work

There is no doubt that drivers will experience some inconvenience because of upcoming construction work at the Highway 20/Interstate 94 interchange (“Bracing for I-94 Road Work,” Journal Times, March 14).

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At Real Racine, we’ll do our best to make sure visitors can easily find their way to Racine County events and attractions. We’re already working with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation on directional signage to the Visitor Center.

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Dave Blank

President and CEO, Real Racine


Uplifting story

What a wonderful, uplifting story by Peter Jackel (Journal Times, March 14) on Mitchell student Johnathan Osborne. Peter continues to be the reason I subscribe to The Journal Times; his writing never disappoints.

Jim O’Brien


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