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Division in the Democratic Party Delays Vote on $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill

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Division in the Democratic Party , Delays Vote on $1 Trillion , Infrastructure Bill. The BBC reports that Congress has delayed a vote on a $1 trillion dollar infrastructure bill, dealing a blow to the Biden administration. Factions of the Democratic Party refused to sign off on the plan until Congress approves a separate $3.5 trillion plan focused on welfare and climate change. The primary $1 trillion public works bill applies to routine transportation, broadband, water systems and other projects. While the public works bill has received wide approval, liberal Democrats are stressing the importance of their more ambitious welfare and climate change bill. On the other side, Centrists are looking to scale the legislation back. Liberal progressives claim that the plan is central to the party's agenda. The more ambitious bill would increase taxes on corporations and the rich. The revenue from the tax increase would be invested in a broad array of social programs. Those programs include:, - Early childhood education - Universal preschool - Government-funded two-year college education - Paid family and medical leave - An expansion of government health insurance - Environmental spending. President Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have been trying to reconcile the division within the Democratic party. On October 1, the House returns to session and efforts to push through the bills will resume. On September 30, Congress did pass a temporary measure to keep the federal government funded until early December


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