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Dahmer incident report reveals contradictions

Dahmer incident report reveals contradictions

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MADISON (AP) - A report issued by the state's top law enforcement official into an encounter between police and Jeffrey L. Dahmer exposes contradictory accounts from eyewitnesses.

Attorney General James Doyle said state investigators interviewed more than 40 witnesses during a three-week review of a May 27 meeting between Dahmer and patrolmen.

Dahmer, 31, has admitted to killing and dismembering 17 males since 1978, including a 14-year-old Laotian boy, Konerak Sinthasomphone.

Witnesses summoned police May 27 after seeing the boy on the street, naked, bleeding, incoherent and appearing to have been molested.

The three officers questioned Dahmer but decided to leave Sinthasomphone at Dahmer's apartment after accepting Dahmer's explanation that the boy was intoxicated and the two were homosexual lovers, records showed.

Doyle's report released Thursday did not include interviews with Dahmer or the suspended patrolmen, but it revealed further details of the police encounter:

Dahmer told police the Konerak was a 20-year-old friend named "John Hmung" who occasionally stayed with him. Dahmer told police "it was normal for the Asian male to wander off when he was intoxicated."

Witnesses said Dahmer gave contradictory accounts of the boy, telling one neighbor he didn't know Konerak and then changing his story after he learned police had been called. Dahmer also used several different first names in addressing the boy.

Witnesses differed in their descriptions of Konerak. Some remember no signs of injury, others reported blood anywhere from the legs to the shoulder. Estimates of the boy's age ranged from 11 to 20.

Some witnesses tried to tell what officers they were observed, but were rebuffed and asked to leave the scene.

Officers escorted Dahmer and the Konerak back to Dahmer's apartment and found snapshots of the boy in black bikini briefs.

The officers searched Konerak's clothing for identification, but found none.

The officers smelled a strong odor in the apartment, but believed it was a "bowl movement" and saw no evidence of dismembered bodies.

Authorities discovered the mutilated remains of 11 young men in the apartment after Dahmer's July 22 arrest. Dahmer has said a dead body was on the bed in the next room when police visited May 27.

Doyle ruled that the officers displayed bad judgement, but didn't commit a crime. Police Chief Philip Arreola has said he will interview the officers next week before ruling on any discipline.

Patrolmen John A. Balcerzak, 34, Joseph Gabrish, 28, and Richard Porubcan, 25, were suspended July 26 and have been charged with departmental violations because they did not thoroughly investigate the incident.


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