YouTuber dunks on Racine police officer
Cops on the court

YouTuber dunks on Racine police officer

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Officer gets dunked on

This screenshot shows a driveway basketball game involving a YouTuber and a Racine police officer. The video has gone viral.

MOUNT PLEASANT — It wasn’t your ordinary game of one-on-one driveway basketball because it involved a group of Racine police officers and a Wisconsin YouTuber.

But nonetheless one of the officers went viral after getting dunked on by Tristan Jass, in a video uploaded to his YouTube account on Saturday in a video called “I POSTERIZED A COP.”

In the video, which has more than 400,000 views, Jass said he was called out by some Racine police officers and asked to come down to the the Mount Pleasant COP House, 2237 Mead St., to play a game of “king of the court.”

One detail was clear: The hoop was not at the standard 10 feet off the ground. The lower height allowed for all players to feel like Milwaukee Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo.

The rules are simple: a game of one-on-one, only one player can shoot and take up to three dribbles. If the shot goes in, the player stays on the court and someone new comes in to play defense. If the player misses the shot, the defender goes on offense and a new player comes in to play defense.

First player to 11 points wins.

In one play, Jass dribbled to his left with a Racine police officer on him. Jass stopped, threw the ball at the backboard, caught the carom and dunked it.

The Racine police officer tried unsuccessfully to block the dunk and ended up falling to the surface.

Jass posted the video to his Instagram account. It got picked up by ESPN’s SportsCenter Facebook page, where it received more than 3 million views.


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