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RACINE COUNTY — The Village of Yorkville and Town of Dover are having preliminary discussions to hire part-time administrators.

The considerations come about a year after Yorkville incorporated as a village, as Dover is looking at options for incorporation and while the county is undergoing changes related to the Foxconn Technology Group development in Mount Pleasant.

Yorkville Village President Sherry Gruhn and Dover Town Chairman Sam Stratton said they would want administrators to help navigate the changing times.

“With all our planning we’re going through right now, this would be the best time for somebody to step in and be on the ground floor,” Gruhn said.

For its potential administrator hire, Yorkville is considering using Premier Solutions Group, a staffing service owned by former Racine County Executive and Sheriff Bill McReynolds. McReynolds gave a presentation for the company’s services during the most recent Village Board meeting.

If Yorkville chooses Premier Solutions Group, the company will do the administrator search for the village, and the village could then interview candidates and choose one for the job.

Whomever is picked would be an employee of Premier Solutions Group. The village would pay the company a lump sum that includes the administrator’s wages and a fee.

The candidate search would likely take several months, so Gruhn said the village wants to make a decision quickly on whether to proceed with Premier Solutions Group. Even if the village does not end up going with the company, Gruhn said she still hopes to hire a part-time administrator.

“I think it’s going to happen at some point,” Gruhn said. “I just don’t know what the timetable is. I’m just going to hope it happens before the end of the year.”

In Dover, the ideal part-time administrator candidate would be someone who could also write grants, Stratton said, because a grant-writing administrator could “pay their own salary in a roundabout way.”

The administrator would also be a reliable point of contact for companies and state officials as Dover moves forward with exploring any potential developments or incorporation, something Stratton said he has been doing. But, he said, he cannot always make it to the meetings because Town Board positions are part-time.

“It’s not like I’m throwing my hands up and not going to be doing my chairman duties,” Stratton said. “I do them now, and some extra.”

Stratton said the town would probably do a direct hire instead of using a staffing service.

The possibility of hiring a part-time administrator was discussed at Dover’s most recent Town Board meeting. Town residents were fairly receptive, Stratton said.

Further discussions

Neither municipal government has made a concrete decision of whether to hire an administrator, but Gruhn and Stratton both said they want to continue discussions at their next board meetings. Also, neither municipality has budgeted for an administrator this year, so both would need to work to find space in their budget.

Dover has not settled on what a pay rate would be, but Gruhn said Yorkville is looking at $40-$50 per hour if it goes with Premier Solutions Group. That rate would include the company’s fee.

Neither Gruhn nor Stratton ruled out expanding the position to full-time if it worked out particularly well, but that would have to be in future budgets.

If Dover and Yorkville did hire administrators, it would leave Raymond and the Town of Waterford as the only municipalities in western Racine County without administrators.

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Jonathon Sadowski covers the villages of Union Grove and Yorkville, the Town of Dover, arts, entertainment and odds and ends for The Journal Times.

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