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Prior to the city's restrictions closing of school buildings, one RUSD teacher said that he and his 7-month-old son both contracted COVID-19 after the district would not allow he and his wife — who is also a Unified employee — to both work from home so they would not have to send their son to daycare.

That teacher told the School Board that the district gave them the option of one of them staying home on any given day while the other was required to report to work in person. They decided that wouldn’t work for their family and instead chose to both return to work in person and send their son to daycare.

Four days after his son came home from daycare with COVID-19, his father tested positive as well.

“If RUSD had been more flexible, if we have both been given the option to work from home, thus giving us the option to keep our son at home, it’s likely that he and I would still be healthy,” the teacher said in written comments.