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Racine Unified School District

RACINE — ACT exam proficiency decreased for Racine Unified students last year, while results on the elementary school Forward Exam are mixed.

The state Department of Public Instruction released the 2017-18 results of the Wisconsin Student Assessment Systems for schools statewide at 12:01 a.m. today.

The WSAS consists of the Forward Exam for grades 3-8 and the ACT Plus Writing exam for grade 11 (high school junior level).

On the Forward Exam, 21.3 percent of Unified students scored proficient or better in English language arts last year, compared to 22.5 the previous year.

On the math portion of the Forward Exam, Racine Unified increased its proficiency rate slightly, to 22 percent last year, from 21.4 percent the year prior.

In science, 28.8 percent of Racine Unified students scored proficient or better last year, compared to 27.4 percent the prior year.

Statewide, 42.4 percent of students scored proficient or better on the English portion of the Forward exam, 43.8 percent scored proficient or better in math and 49.9 percent scored proficient or better in science. This is the third year that Wisconsin has administered the Forward exam.

ACT results

On the ACT, Unified’s English language arts proficiency rate dropped to 19.2 percent last year, from 21.9 percent the previous year. Similarly, Racine Unified’s math proficiency rate dropped to 12 percent last year from 14.5 percent the year prior. Last year, 12.8 percent of Unified students scored proficient or better on the science portion of the ACT, compare to 16.4 percent the previous year.

Statewide on the ACT, 36.7 percent of students were proficient or better in English, 33.8 percent of students scored proficient or better in math and 30.8 percent proficient in science.

Unified’s average composite score on the ACT was 17.2, compared to the statewide composite of 19.7, on a scale of one to 36. Both the state and Unified composite scores fall in the “basic” proficiency level.

This is the fourth year for Wisconsin 11th graders to take the ACT Plus Writing test. The ACT is a nationwide college admissions test that measures college and career readiness.

The Journal Times plans to provide more in-depth reporting on the scores for Racine Unified and other districts in the county this weekend.

The results should be available for public view by late morning today at

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