RACINE — Fridays at the Yardarm, 920 Erie St., are pretty much always busy.

But since announcing it would be closing soon — the restaurant’s last day is expected to be in April, before becoming Joey’s East — more familiar faces have been stopping in for one last plate of fried cod, hidden beneath a pile of those mouthwatering sand dollars.

“There’s so much love,” hostess Ilda Smith told a couple of Yardarm regulars on Friday evening as she wrote their names down a quickly expanding wait list.

Yardarm, March 15

Every stool at Yardarm's bar was filled Friday, March, 15, 2019, as the family-owned restaurant nears the end of its 37-year run.

Keep ‘em coming

At 3:30 p.m., the restaurant was practically empty. By 5 p.m., every seat at the bar was filled and a small crowd of patient, hungry people was forming a line near the entrance.

Bob and Mary Jo Bichler think they’ve been coming to the nautical pub since it opened in 1983.

Bob said he often orders the tuna platter with his beer, while Mary Jo maintains that “the perch is the best.”

Phil and Tammy Bahr tell a similar tale. They don’t celebrate Lent, they “celebrate the fish,” Phil said.

Yardarm, March 15 WEB ONLY

The bust of a sailor looks over patrons of the Yardarm.

The regulars aren’t the only ones who have made the Yardarm a Root riverside staple.

The family-owned restaurant is a regular on the “Best of Racine County” leaderboard for “Best Fish Fry,” including consecutive wins from 2014 through 2018.

The sand-dollar situation

When it comes to the fresh-every-day sand dollars, co-owner Lauri Tomasek said she wishes the Yardarm’s owners-to-be — Joey and Anna LeGath — will keep the Parmesan-covered chips coming.

“I’m going to hope, the good business people they are, that they will keep them around,” Tomasek said.

Yardarm, March 15 WEB ONLY

Chef Jon Rogers places sand dollars on fish platters Friday, March 15, 2019, at the Yardarm.

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