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This is a clear example of skewed polling. Citizenship is already automatically given to children of legal immigrants. The correct question should have been “Should birthright citizenship end for American-born children of ‘illegal’ immigrants?

granny grits

Letting the fat guy anywhere near the Constitution is dangerous. Next thing he'll attack free speech...oh, he already has...


Your poll (Should birthright citizenship end for immigrants) is skewed
the right question should be: Should birthright citizenship end for Illegal Immigrants


So, my grandparents were immigrants and their children, my parents, wouldn't have been citizens and now I'm not a natural citizen of America and neither is Mr. Trump. The only purpose this serves is to further divide our country? Where would you wind up if ICE knocked on your door? Children born here don't know .any other culture, language or way of life but ours. Those who scream about losing gun rights should be the fiercest defenders of the right to citizenship. All of us need to preserve and protect this right.


I would assume that your Grandparents came here via Ellis Island, the same as mine, they then became naturalized American Citizens had children who were then Natural citizens and then you who were automatically a citizen also. Also remember America was a totally different young country that was looking for people to immigrate here to build this wonderful America.


Soon the Supreme Court will prove you wrong as nowhere in the Constitution does it guarantee children of parents here illegally citizenship.

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