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The City of Racine needs a leader who leads and not a politician who panders. Alderperson Sandy Weidner is that leader, she has demonstrated courage and strength in the last 17 years when it comes to fighting for the citizens of Racine. Weidner will continue to demonstrate that same independence, strength and courage when it comes to:

Fiscally standing up for the citizens and against the Wiser led coalition of the current interim mayor, city administrator, development director, as well as some crony councilmen in their ill-advised and irresponsible use of taxpayer dollars in such ventures as the arena and Machinery Row.

Eliminating favoritism and the good old boy environment that has allowed the current interim mayor to have held an unprecedented three-year term as Council president who just happens to be a major supporter of Cory Mason.

Having transparency, integrity and accountability to the citizens of Racine.

Reaching out to our business community, as well as our villages, to enhance relationships as well as foster and facilitate an environment of economic development and growth.

Those of you who supported my mayoral run, I am asking you to vote for putting people over politics and partnerships over partisanship and vote for Alderperson Sandy Weidner —I am.

Melvin Hargrove


Melvin Hargrove is a former mayoral candidate and former Racine Unified School Board president.


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