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Proposed Grove pit bull ban shot down

Proposed Grove pit bull ban shot down


UNION GROVE — After a heated meeting surrounding a proposed pit bull ban at a June 12 Union Grove Administrative Committee meeting, the Village Board has killed the idea.

“There was no interest in it whatsoever,” said Village Clerk-Treasurer Jill Kopp. “It hasn’t made it back on any agendas.”

At the initial meeting, only an anti-pit-bull activist from East Troy in Walworth County and the activist’s friend spoke in favor of the ban. The Village Board chamber was otherwise overflowing with pit bull advocates.

Various people spoke in favor of leaving pit bulls be, mostly with the argument that dogs behave according to how they’re trained. Any breed, they argued, could turn vicious at any time.

“A human could turn around and deck someone in the face,” Kopp said, channeling the arguments of the pit bull supporters. “Are we going to try to make ordinances to prevent everything that could possibly happen? Where would people live?”

The ban would have affected only a small number of dogs in Union Grove; there are no more than a paltry 12 registered pit bulls in the village, Kopp said.

Further, after witnessing the community’s fervent opposition to a pit bull ban, the original petitioner “changed her tune” and backpedaled to only being in favor of stricter regulations on service animals, Kopp added.

The presence of Jeff Borchardt, an anti-pit bull activist, also was called into question, Kopp added, because public comment is traditionally relegated to village residents only. She said the Village Board — and, it seems, many village residents — are whole-heartedly against any form of dog breed banning.

“We have not had issues with pit bulls in Union Grove,” Kopp said, “so it was not in our interests to pursue that (a ban).”

“Are we going to try to make ordinances to prevent everything that could possibly happen? Where would people live?”

Jill Kopp, Union Grove clerk-treasurer


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