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Filings for the April 3 general election are shown below. If a primary is necessary it will be held Tuesday, Feb. 20. Information below may not be complete. Information will be updated as needed at For security reasons, addresses for judges are being withheld. (i) denotes incumbent.

Racine County

Circuit Court Judge

Four seats open; six-year terms. Current salary, $131,187

Branch 1

Wynne P. Laufenberg (i)

Branch 5

Mike Piontek (i)

Branch 9

Robert S. Repischak (i) 

Branch 10

Timothy D. Boyle (i)

Racine County Board

All 21 seats open; two-year term. Current salary, $4,800; once supervisors take office, they will elect a board chairman and vice chairman with salaries of $7,800 and $6,000, respectively.

District 1

Donnie Snow (i), 1111 Villa St., Racine

Nick Demske, 1637 Wisconsin Ave., Racine

District 2

Fabian Maldonado, 1642 Grand Ave., Racine

District 3

Monte Osterman (i), 2900 N. Wisconsin St., Racine

District 4

Melissa Kaprelian-Becker, 2050 LaSalle St., Racine

Ken Lumpkin, 1646 East St., Racine

District 5

David Cooke (i), 1822 Neptune Ave., Racine

District 6

Q.A. Shakoor II (i), 1516 W. Sixth St., Racine

Malcome Platt, 3234 Northwestern Ave., Racine

District 7

Russell Clark (i), 2913 Ashland Ave., Racine

District 8

Brett Nielsen (i), 1742 Lathrop Ave., Racine

District 9

Eric C. Hillery, 3739 St. Andrews Blvd., Racine

District 10

Janet Bernberg (i), 130 Eldorado Drive, Wind Point

District 11

Robert Miller (i), 1438 Woodchuck Court No. 102, Mount Pleasant

District 12

Ronald Molnar (i), 1000 Prairie Drive No. 4, Mount Pleasant

Donald J. Trottier, 5728 Glenwood Drive, Mount Pleasant

District 13

Mark Gleason (i), 8332 Dora Lane, Mount Pleasant

Tom Kramer*, 26739 Kramer Road, Town of Norway

District 14

Katherine Buske (i), 8520 Queensbury Lane, Sturtevant

Reynaldo Villar*, 1523 92nd St., Sturtevant

District 15

John A. Wisch (i), 5720 Randal Lane, Caledonia

District 16

Scott Maier (i), 19215 52nd Road, Yorkville

District 17

Robert Grove (i), 8024 Nicholson Road, Caledonia

District 18

Thomas Roanhouse (i), 122 Riverview Drive, Village of Waterford

District 19

Thomas Hincz (i), 6401 N. Tichigan Road, Town of Waterford

District 20

Thomas Pringle (i), 340 Smith St., City of Burlington

District 21

Mike Dawson (i), 224 N. Kane St., City of Burlington



Aldermen seats are two-year positions and have an annual salary of $6,899.88.

Second District: 

Mollie Jones (i) 1900 Franklin St.

Fourth District: 

Tracey Larrin (i), 1228 N. Wisconsin St.

Dennis Montey*, 939 Marquette St.

Sixth District:

Sandy Weidner* (i), 2310 Thor Ave.

Jen Adamski Torres, 2122 Carmel Ave.

Eighth District:

Q.A. Shakoor II (i), 1516 W. Sixth St.

Malcolm Platt, 3234 Northwestern Ave. #2

Brandon Campbell, 1600 Albert St. #1

10th District:

Dennis Wiser (i), 2517 Pinehurst Ave.

Kevin Rydzik*, 2770 Chicory Road

Carrie Glenn, 3333 Drexel Ave.

12th District:

Henry Perez (i), 1017 Kentucky St.

14th District:

Jason Meekma (i), 2839 Orchard St.

Municipal Judge

Election will fill the seat for last year of unexpired 4-year term, salary $50,232

Rebecca Mason (i)

John Buchaklian


The Mayor's seat is a two-year position with an annual salary of $3,600. Aldermanic seats are two-year positions with an annual salary of $3,600.


Jeannie Hefty (i) 300 N. Pine St.

First District:

Randy Canales, 817 Uhen Court

Theresa Meyer, 2224 Ravenswood Road

Lee Verhagen, 1425 McWan Drive

Second District:

Ryan Heft, 133 Duane St.

Sara Spencer, 241 Henry St.

Christopher Wiess, 425 S. Pine St.

Third District:

Steven Rauch, 333 Oakland Ave.

Fourth District:

Thomas Preusker (i) 172 Karyl St. 



Village trustees are two-year terms with annual salary of $6,600. Municipal judge is a four-year term with annual salary of $15,000.

Village trustee:

Village Board Trustee No. 2:

Dale Stillman, 6601 Blue River Way

Kathleen A. Trentadue (i) 4344 Highway 31

John Ulcek, 10113 Northwestern Ave.

Village Board Trustee No. 4:

Fran Martin, 5630 Five Mile Road

Ed Willing (i) 5754 Winstar Lane

Village Board Trustee No. 6:

Lee Wishau (i) 8345 Foley Rd.

Municipal Judge:

Robert W. Keller (i) 5043 Chester Ln.

Elmwood Park

Three trustee seats, two-year term, $1,000 per year. Caucus set for  6:30 p.m. on Jan. 18 to determine candidates.

Incumbents whose terms are ending:

Brian Bazzett (i),3497 E. Elmwood Drive

Wendy Spencer (i)  Not seeking re-election.

Mary Michel (i) Not seeking re-election.

Mount Pleasant

Village trustee (two-year terms, $6,500 salary)

Trustee Seat No. 2

Bud Eastman, 4717 Knollwood Drive

Donald Schulz, 811 Highway V.

Trustee Seat No. 4

Floyd “Skip” Leonard, 2635 S.E. Frontage Road

Gary Feest (i), 2640 Cozy Acres Road

Trustee Seat No. 5 (Special election, one-year term)

Thomas Giese,  4601 Edgewater Drive

Ram Bhatia, 1700 Centennial Lane

John Martini, 1837 County Road V

Janet Sabol, 6328 Washington Ave.

Trustee Seat No. 6

Anna Marie Clausen, 5935 Taylor Ave.

Thomas Giese, 4601 Edgewater Drive

North Bay

Two-year terms each; village treasurer, $3,812 per year; village trustee No. 1 (Public Works), No. 2 (Wastewater), $2,728 per year. 

Treasurer: Bob O'Brien (i), 3528 North Bay Drive

Trustee No. 1: Paul Schroeder (i) is not seeking re-election

Trustee No. 2: Rick Cermak (i), of 1 North Vincennes Circle


Village trustee (3 seats open, two-year term, $4,000 annually, plus $20 per meeting lasting less than one half hour and $25 per meeting lasting longer than half hour).

Chris Bennett (i) 303 S. State St.

Chris Johnson (i) 34228 Academy Road

Russ Kumbier, (i) 500 Ryan Ave.


Village trustee

(Three seats, two-year terms, $7,500 per year)

Carrie Harbach (i), 2833 90th St.

Theresa Ailes (i), 9425 Durand Ave.

Jason Eckman (i), 8317 Camelot Trace

Dan Moore, 2703 90th St. 

Union Grove

Village trustee

(Three seats, two-year term, $6,300 per year)

Seat No. 2

Gordon Svendsen (i)

1344 Jean St.

Seat No. 4 

Timothy Mallach (i)

739 Main St.

Seat No. 6 

Michael Younglove (i), 195 White Oak Court

Ryan Johnson, 1618 Milldrum St.

Municipal judge

(Four-year term, $4,500 per year)

Melanie Reichert (i), 129 Walnut Ridge Drive


President: (two-year term $12,000 year plus $40 per meeting attended)

Donald Houston (i), 620 Oak Lodge Road

Trustee: (three two-year terms, $5,400 year plus $40 per meeting attended)

Andrew Ewert (i), 626 Woodland Court

Brent Hess, 707 River Ridge Drive

Robert Nash, 201 S. River St.

Wind Point

Village trustee (three two-year terms, $2,400 per year)

Karen Van Lone (i), 4915 Beacon Lane

Emily Lawrence (i), 7 Maplewood Court



Supervisor (two seats open, two-year-terms, $5,000 annually)

Supervisor 3:

Russell Egan, 7007 Shagbark Lane 

Barbara Ruud, 33900 Lagoon Drive

Supervisor 4

Jeff Lang (i), 8101 W. Pine St.

Bohners Lake Sanitary District (president, 6-year position, annual salary $7,500)

Harvey Kandler, 8632 Fir Drive


No spring elections 


Town Supervisor (two seats open, two-year terms, $7,000 per year)

Supervisor No. 3

Ralph L. Schopp (i), 26703 Oak Lane

Supervisor No. 4

Tim Hansen (i), 7520 West Lake Drive


Supervisor (two-year term, $4,550 annually)

Supervisor No. 3

Paul E. Ryan (i), 5886 W. Highway G

Supervisor No. 4

Doug Schwartz, 1080 51st St.


Town supervisor (two seats open, two-year terms, $7,750 per year)

Tim Szeklinski (i),  29200 N. Lake Drive 

Teri Jendusa-Nicolai (i)

Dave Hendrix, 8524 Fox River Road

Jan Alvey, 6826 Burma Rd.

Scott Burns, 4546 Sunset Rd.


No spring elections

School Boards

Racine Unified

Three seats, three-year terms, $3,600

District 4

Julie McKenna (i), 724 Crabtree Lane, Racine

District 5

Jane Barbian, 3546 Emmertsen Road, Mount Pleasant

District 6

John Heckenlively (i), 410 Seventh Street No. 2, Racine

Burlington Area

Three seats, 3-year term, no salary

Philip Ketterhagen, (i) 2000 Crossway Road, Town of Burlington

Eileen M. Mirsberger, 673 Viewcrest Terrace, Town of Burlington.

Taylor Michael Wishau, 8770 Country View Lane, Town of Burlington

Drought Elementary (Norway Joint 7)

Two seats, 3-year terms, $830

Don Walter (i), 6730 Raynor Ave., Norway.

Lindsey Drought (i), 7814 Raynor Ave., Norway.

Kansasville Elementary (Dover No. 1)

One open seat, three-year-term, $1,500 per year

Bob Kordus (i), 4005 South Britton Road, Dover


Three three-year terms, $4,600 per year.

Eric G. Schroeder (i), W131 S8437 Eagle Way, Muskego

Kert Harendam, W152 S6396 Lawndale Place, Muskego

Terri Boyer, W199 S7184 Simandl Drive, Muskego

Tracy Blair, W184 S8925 Racine Ave., Muskego

Karla Klein, S85 W19822, Greenhaven Court, Muskego

North Cape Elementary

One seat, 3-year term, $1,000

Daniel Hying (i), 21514 Olson Road, Norway

Raymond Elementary

Two open positions, three-year term, $2,200 per year

Dawn Peterson (i), 2344 43rd St., Raymond

Elizabeth Bauer, 5224  Highway G, Raymond

Jennifer Becker, 4510 West 5 Mile Road, Raymond

Union Grove Elementary

Three-year term, $2,400 per year

Scott Cincotta (i) 3131 67th Drive, Yorkville

Union Grove High School

One seat, three-year term,  $3,250 per year

Paula Craven-Jasperson (i), 5232 Five Mile Road, Raymond

Waterford Graded

Two 3-year terms, $4,550 per year

Amanda Fiehweg (i), 4821 Riverside Road, Town of Waterford

Jordan Karweik (i), 324 Foxmead Drive, Village of Waterford.

Douglas Schwartz, 4508 Empire Lane, Town of Waterford

Waterford High School

Two 3-year terms, $4,550 per year

Don Engler (i), 28636 E. River Bay Drive, Town of Waterford

Dennis G. Purtell, 6518 Point Lane, Town of Waterford


Two open positions, three-year terms, salaries are $1,750 for board president and clerk, $1,650 for treasurer and $1,550 for vice president and director; positions determined after election.

Todd Galkowski, (i), 29014 Linda Lane, Tichigan

Tim Szeklinski, (i), 29200 North Lake Drive, Tichigan

Yorkville Elementary

One three-year term, $1,600 per year

Lori Christiansen, 2400 Thoreau Court, Yorkville

Ann Wendorf, 18714 Washington Ave., Yorkville

Marty Winter, 2010 Raymond Ave., Yorkville

Christopher Nelson, 2315 59th Drive, Yorkville

Asterisk (*) denotes candidates who have not yet turned in statements of economic interests, which are due Friday.


Assistant Managing Editor

Pete Wicklund is the local editor for The Journal Times.

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