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MOUNT PLEASANT — The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has fined Foxconn $1,159.50 for the flooding that occurred over Labor Day weekend at the Wisconn Valley Science and Technology Park. The issue that allowed the flooding to occur has since been corrected.

The DNR said that Foxconn failed to fully construct a stormwater basin on the east side of its property that would have caught the runoff before making it to Pike River on Sept. 2-3.

Heavy rains cause runoff on Foxconn site; Officials confident problems have been corrected

Foxconn was directed to create three stormwater basins around its construction area to trap water runoff created by the landscaping and grading work that it was conducting nearby. According to the DNR, the flooding occurred because grading on the east side of the construction site was completed before the 11.2-acre Basin C was fully excavated.

Peter Wood, a DNR stormwater engineer, reported no issues with Basin A on the west side of the property.

However, in Basin B (14 acres) on the northeast corner of the development area, Wood said that some water runoff had accumulated and needed to be removed. A “dewatering treatment system” has also been installed, which is meant to filter sediments out of water before reaching a culvert underneath county Highway H.

If Foxconn had fully complied with its erosion control plan, the “sediment-laden discharge” that flowed into the Pike River in early September would’ve been blocked, according to the DNR.

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Claude Lois, Foxconn project director for the Village of Mount Pleasant, said that the basin has now been appropriately expanded, preventing future spillage.

“Prior to the Labor Day weekend, neither the Village of Mount Pleasant, nor the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR), had received any complaints regarding runoff or other storm water management related matters,” Lois said in a statement. “We appreciate the hard work of the (Foxconn) project team to promptly address this issue, as well as the oversight and guidance from DNR.”

As a result of the incident, the DNR has reportedly begun attending weekly site meetings to make sure Foxconn is sufficiently implementing its erosion control plan. The DNR also promised to continue investigating the effect of the runoff.

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